Both the noon and evening Rotary Clubs of Ankeny have been meeting virtually since March 10, 2020.  The first in-person noon meeting was held at the AG&CC on June 23, 2020.   This means there were 14 Tuesday luncheons missed.  The dues for noon Active and Corporate members include a meal charge of approximately $130 per quarter or $10 per meal.  During their meeting on June 11th, the Board approved offering each Active and Corporate member the option of choosing one of the following:

  • To receive a credit of up to $140 to be applied to their next quarterly invoice to be sent in early July OR
  • Allow this $140 to be considered a donation to the club and receive no credit adjustment on their July invoice.

If you wish to receive this credit, you must email or call Nate Burnham, at, or 515-238-6589, to confirm that you wish to receive the credit adjustment and the amount you wish to receive.  You can request any amount up to $140.  If we do not hear from you prior to our sending out the July invoices, we will assume you do not wish to receive any credit.

Note – Since there is no meal charge included in the dues for Evening club, Honorary, On Leave, or Senior Active members, there is no adjustment being offered on their invoices.