Kathy Sibbel Named Ankeny Rotarian of the Year

Rich Job, Ankeny's 2015 Rotarian of the Year, had the honor of introducing the "2016 Ankeny Rotarian of the Year".   He stated this year's winner came from a small town out in the boondocks but now everyone knows her.  The winner, Kathy Sibbel, was described by a collegue as:
"one of the most positive people I know among the plethora of talented leaders across Ankeny.  She is the current President of our YMCA Board, currently sits on our Community Education Advisory Council, and is the new President of the Neveln Center, Inc. that is merging with Ankeny Rotary's favorite charity, the Ankeny Service Center.  Despite her time and needed focus as a cancer survivor and as a grandmother of a growing clan, she is engaged in numerous meaningful services across our community that are in significant transition requiring her significant time and leadership efforts."
Congratulations Kathy!!!