A total of 559 golf ball tickets were sold including 31 through the Ankeny Service Center web site.  This is 21 more total balls that were sold in 20219.  Since there was no Ankeny Summerfest this year, the balls were dropped on July 30th.  The winners are now known. and they are:
1st Place - $1,000 - Molly Lydon (Sold by Mike Lydon) 
2nd Place - $375 - Brad Norwood (Sold by Tom Friedman)
3rd Place - $250 - Laura Luetje (Sold by Laura Luetje)
4th Place - $125 - Troy Boelman (Sold by Troy Boelman)
The net proceeds from this year's event will be split 60% to the Ankeny Service Center and 40% to the Rotary Club of Ankeny.  Thank you to Wig & Pen and Tim's Amoco for donating the coupons on the tickets and to Andrew Larson, Ankeny Sanitation, for donating $2,000 towards the prize money.   Also, a big thank you to Tom Friedman for coordinating this fundraising event.