As a member of Rotary, you join over 1.2 million other individuals in 346,914 clubs in over 200 countries that call themselves Rotarians.   These Rotarians include many famous people.  Here is a list of just a few:
Joyce C. Hall - Rotary Club of Kansas City, MO - Founder of Hallmark Cards
Raymond F. Firestone - Rotary Club of Akron, OH - Chairman & CEO of Firestone Tire & Rubber
Dr. Charles Mayo - Rotary Club of Rochester, MN - Co-Founder of Mayo Clinic
Heinrich Nordhoff - Rotary Club of Braunschweig, Germany - President, Volkswagon
J.C. Penny - Rotary Club of New York, NY - Founder of J.C. Penny stores
The 'Colonel' Harland Sanders - Rotary Club of Jeffersonville, ID - Founder, Kentucky Fried Chicken
Sam Walton - Rotary Club of Bentonville, AK - Founder of Wal-Mart
Neil Armstrong  - Rotary Club of Wapakoneta, OH - Astronaut & First man to walk on the moon
Richard Byrd - Rotary Club of Winchester, VA - Arctic explorer
Charles Lindberg - Rotary Club of Edinburgh - American aviator
Thomas Edison - Rotary Club of Orange, NJ - Inventor
Orville Wright - Rotary Club of Dayton, OH - Co-Inventor of the first successful airplane
King Charles III - Rotary Club of Banchory-Ternan - King of England
Sir Winston Churchill - Rotary Club of London - Prime Minister of England
Gerald R. Ford - Rotary Club of Grand Rapids, MI - President, USA
Warren G. Harding - Rotary Club of Washington, D.C. - President, USA
John F. Kennedy - Rotary Club of Hyannis, MA - President, USA
Woodrow Wilson - Rotary of Birmingham, AL - President, USA & Nobel Prize laureate in peace
Franklin D. Roosevelt - Rotary Club of Albany, NY - President, USA
Pope Francis - Rotary Club of Buenos Aires - Pope
Luciano Pavarotti - Rotary Club of Modena - Italian opera singer
Walt Disney - Rotary Club of Palm Springs, CA - Animation filmmaker
And many more!!