Earlier this year, the Rotary Club of Ankeny agreed to be the US host for a global grant led by Blessman International to fund the construction of waterless toilets for Early Childhood Develoment Centers in the Limpopo District of South Africa.  The South African host club, the Rotary Club of Polokwane did the needs assesment and will provide the local overight.  A major donor of Blessman's was to provide the majority of the funding.  The total funding for this project will to be $200,000
Approval was received from the Rotary Foundation on October 28th and funding was completed on November 9th.  The club received $118,225 from Blessman International and the club then added our contribution of $1,000 to this amount and wired $119,225 to the Rotary Foundation.  Funding from District 6000 and the South African clubs have also been received and the Rotary Foundation made the first disbursement on this grant of $50,000 on December 11th.  We have been advised at least 11 toilet stalls have already been constructed.