Each Ankeny Rotarian has Option to Receive 200 Recognition Points


The Rotary Club of Ankeny has received recognition points for the Polio Plus contributions made to the Rotary Foundation during the past several years and now has accumulated nearly 10,000 recognition points.  The Board of Directors of the Club has approved a proposal to donate these recognition points to its members under the following terms:

  • All members, both Active and Honorary, are eligible to receive 200 recognition points from the Club.
  • If the member is currently not a Paul Harris Sustaining Member (committed to contributing at least $100 per year to the Rotary Foundation), they must agree to become a Sustaining Member to receive the 200 points.
  • All new members will be given 200 recognition points, at the time they join the club, if they agree to become Paul Harris Sustaining Members.
  • The club will continue to match cash donations made by members until they become Paul Harris Fellows.

Each member will be asked complete a form to either agree to become a Paul Harris Sustaining member and receive the recognition points or to decline this offer.  More information will be provided on November 25th following the presentation by Cal Litwiller, Past District Governor and current District 6000 Foundation Chairman.