A District Grant (DG) is a block grant to District 6000 from The Rotary Foundation. This grant is a tool that District 6000 uses to support short-term projects initiated by clubs in District 6000 called Community Service Grants. Funds are distributed to clubs through applications to the District 6000 Committee which decides the merit of each application and the degree to which they should be funded.  The Rotary Club of Ankeny received two of these grants this year.  One was for the potato digger for AGAPE garden and the other was for equipment to assist with the relocation of the Ankeny Service Center office.
The maximum grant amount a club can apply for is $5,000.  This amount must then be at least matched by the club making the total funds available for a project, or projects, $10,000.  The Rotary Club of Ankeny has been a strong supporter of the Rotary Foundation and this is a way for our club to have a portion of these funds returned to benefit our community.  The deadline for applying for grants for the 2021-2022 Rotary year is June 1, 2021.  Dave Mercer will be representing our club at the District's grant management seminar.  If you have any suggestions for a Community Service Grant for our club to consider, please contact Dave or any Board member.