District 6000 is Growing

There is some very good news to share about the Rotary membership in District 6000.  The past ten years had shown a consistent decline of members (4,434 to 3,917) but the trend has been reversed.  There are now 3,960 Rotarians in our district, just 40 shy of bringing our membership back to the 4,000 mark.

Hold on, there is more encouraging news!   A 5 month review (July – November) of 58 clubs reporting shows 29 of the clubs (50%) have shown a net growth in membership.  In addition, 15 clubs (26%) have maintained their current membership at the same level.  That is not a small feat considering most civic organizations nationwide have experienced a decline in membership.   A standing ovation is well deserved for all clubs who are working hard in growing their clubs and sharing the Rotary story.  We do have a couple transfers pending but the Rotary Club of Ankeny currently has 77 members which is up two members since July 1, 2013 and up 5 members since July 1, 2012.

In order to keep clubs active and healthy it is important that members be active and engaged.  As important as it is to bring in new members, it is equally important to make sure new members are brought into a healthy, active club.  Strong Rotary clubs spend 50% of their membership efforts on retention and 50% on attracting new members.  Members who are not engaged typically have a low level of investment and interest in Rotary.  Whatever clubs can do to minimize the spectator mentality and maximize the participant mentality will result in big membership dividends.  Each member needs to do their part in helping the Rotary Club of Ankeny to be an active and healthy club by being engaged.   This is as easy as maintaining a good attendance record, mentoring new members, participating in service projects and social events, attending board meetings, and participating in district activities.