Distribution of Dictionaries Completed 

During the week of October 17-21, members of the Rotary Club of Ankeny distributed dictionaries and calculators to 965 4th graders in 12 elementary schools in Ankeny including St. Luke's and Ankeny Christian Academy.  This was the 11th consecutive year for the distribution of dictionaries and the club has now donated a total of approximately 9,000 dictionaries.   Thank you to Mark Land for coordinating the distribution with all the schools, Jeff Dammon for working with Boy Scout Troop #413, sponsored by Ankeny United Church of Christ and Scout Master Jason Godfrey, for helping to place a Rotary sticker in each dictionary and on each calculator and to Trent Murphy for providing the warehouse space for the dictionaries and calculators.    Also, thank you to the 23 Ankeny Rotarians that helped with the distribution.
As the dictionaries were being distributed, each student was told to put their name inside the front cover and then to look up the word "service". They were then told of some of the service projects the Rotary Club of Ankeny participates in the Ankeny area and around the world.    They also were asked to look up the longest word in the English language and were asked to share what other things they could find in their dictionaries.