District Governor, Erna Morain accompanied by her partner Steve, made her official visit to the noon Rotary Club of Ankeny on September 24th.   During her visit, she asked that club to consider a food project during this Rotary year and encouraged us to use social media since this is a great tool to promote our club and bring prospective new members to our door.  What ever we can do to promote our club online will help increase membership.  She also suggested we think about club continuity.  Each committee chair should have a backup and information regarding committees and projects should be documented so a new person in that role can pick it up easily. 
The 2020 Rotary District Conference will be June 25-27 at Prairie Meadows and will be a "Festival" celebrating all the accomplishments of the clubs in our District.   Each club may select one individual to play the Rotary game and have a chance for their club a significant prize.  She also plans to set a Guinness world record by having a passing of the gavel for all clubs in our district at the Festival.