Damon Miller Continues to Make Progress

Here is an update from Amy on December 16th:
"Just realized I haven't updated since 12/1...sorry everyone.  Damon has been slowly getting stronger and is enjoying his freedoms of driving and eating almost anything he wants.  He even went to his work holiday party last night which I applauded!  He's having trouble gaining weight so will have to see what the plan will be to beef him up.  Next Wednesday he will undergo a colonoscopy and another drain study/CT scan to figure out the next steps. The only drain he still has is not getting much output so we're not sure if that's good or bad, but we'll find out.  Damon has enjoyed the visits from those of you here in the Ankeny area and the trips out to lunch! He is anxious to get the ok to return to work hopefully at least on a part-time basis in the new year. I'm back to work and that transition has gone very smoothly.  The kids are great and its so nice to have such a supportive team of teachers to work with everyday.
God bless all of you and please take advantage of time with your families this holiday season. God has challenged us in 2016 but we also know we will all be stronger because of it.  Love and hugs from the Millers!"