At their meeting on September 13th, the Board approved a donation to Meals From the Heartland in the amount of $100.  This donation is to help pay for the cost of the food ingredients, packaging, and transportation costs for the meals the Evening club packaged on August 23rd. That evening they packaged 756 bags.  Each bag will provide 6 meals which equals a total of 4,536 meals packaged by Rotarians and guests.. 
The meals that are packaged contains rice, soy protein, minerals, and dried vegetables including carrots, onions, tomatoes, celery, cabbage, and bell peppers.  The packages are distributed globally, most commonly to orphanages and schools.  Oftentimes, children in developing areas will only eat one meal a day and when these meals are distributed at schools it ensures they get nutrition and an education.  The cost of each package is $1.20 which equals $.20 per meal.  A total of 3,626,208 meals were packaged during the 4-day period of Meals From the Heartlands 11th annual hunger fight.