Board Approves Donation Requests

During their meeting on April 13th, the Board for the Rotary Club of Ankeny approved two donation requests.   They were:
American Cancer Society, Relay for Life - $500 - Rich Job sponsored a request from the robotics team he sponsors.   Des Moines FRC Team 4646 will be participating as a team in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life on June 10th.  The club has supported this event in each of the past 5 years.
Des Moines Area Multi Club Water Project - $1,000 - The Board agreed to commit $1,000 towards an international water project yet to be determined.   The other Rotary clubs in the Des Moines area will also be participating in this project.   The multi-club committee is looking at the possibility of completing a project to bring clean water to an entire village.