Banners - Banners - Banners

The colorful tradition of exchanging small banners, flags or pennants was recognized by the RI Board in 1959.   Clubs are encouraged to ensure the design of their banner is distinctive and expressive of the club's community and country.  The Rotary club of Ankeny's banner has a picture of the Ankeny bandshell.  Contact Nate Burnham if you are traveling and would like to take a banner with you to exchange while visiting a Rotary club durring your travels.
Since being chartered in 1973, the Rotary Club of Ankeny has collected 220 banners from visiting Rotarians, exchange students, and members exchanging banners with other clubs while traveling.  Pictures of these banners have been put on a PowerPoint presentation which can be displayed at meetings or other events.   Thank you to Kim Scavo for assisting Nate Burnham with this project.