Nineteen Ankeny Rotarians and one family assisted the City of Ankeny employees in unloading cars, pickups and trailers during Ankeny Clean Up Days on May 18th and 19th.   The City reported 871 vehicles were unloaded on Saturday and 444 on Sunday.   Everything went well, the rain held off, and we have not heard of any injuries.  We do know there were several treasurers taken home by Rotarians and city workers.  It is amazing what some people throw away.
The city has allowed the club to accept donations in each of the past 10 years.  The amount collected this year was $2,145.24 and a Namibia (African) half dollar.  This compares to $2,369.88 last year and $2,118, $1,932 and $1,953 in the previous three years.  These donations are designated to be forwarded to the Rotary Foundation as part of the club's contribution to PolioPlus.   Donations during Clean-Up Days over the past 10 years, since we started collecting donations, have now totaled $17,147.05.   Thank you to all Rotarians and family members that helped and to Justin Carlton for his leadership on this project.