The Rotary Club of Ankeny's 2021 "Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet" was held on the evening of June 22nd.  Those recognized included:
Perfect Attendance Awards:
One Year - Laura Luetje, Patty Munguia & Brian Tiernan
Two Years - Juan Arias, Jeff Magner & Brenda Wieneke
Three Years - Todd Eipperle
Four Years - Jacquelyn Duke
Seven Years - Rich Job
Eight Years - Kristofer Orth & Steve Wieneke
Nine Years - Jim Ramsey, Steve SchraderBachar, & Todd Wehr
Ten Years - Damon Miller
Eleven Years - Kathy Sibbel
Twelve Years - Mary Cochran
Thirteen Years - Sally Schroeder
Seventeen Years - Nate Burnham & Tom Friedman
Thirty One Years - Sharlene Dunlap
Thirty Two Years - Mike Lydon 
Dave Mercer, the "2020 Rotarian of the Year" introduced  Todd Eipperle as the "2021 Ankeny Rotarian of the Year".
Juan Arias, the "2020 Outstanding New Member", introduced Brenda Wieneke and Brian Tiernan as the co-winners of the "2021 Outstanding New Members". 
Todd Wehr, the outgoing President passed the gavel to Todd Eipperle, the incoming president for the noon club and Juan Arias, the outgoing President, passed the gavel to Jacquelyn Duke, the incoming President of the Evening Club.