The Rotary Club of Ankeny's September fundraising event, "Together at the Table" will be held September 17-20.  Several Rotarians have agreed to be a host for 8-10 guests but we are still looking for more hosts.   
The goal is for each host to generate a donation of at least $500 through ticket sales or donations.  For example, you can invite 10 guests and charge them $50 a piece or ask for a $50 suggested donation, or you can personally cover the $500.  The host will be responsible for food and drink for their guests but the club will provide a certain amount of liquor or wine to each host from the bottles that were donated for the "Wall of Wine" for this year's fundraiser.  You can host in whatever fashion you choose.  Some members are going with themes, some are having the food catered, some are cooking, some are doing cocktails with appetizers, some are doing a brunch.  If you prefer, you can pair up with another member if you like to help in covering the costs and guest invites.  It is up to you!  The location is also up to you. 
There will be approximately 15 auction items that will be sold by sealed bid with a one-time highest bid for your guests that night.  We plan to have guest packets with info on Rotary and the auction items with envelopes to seal their bids.  Hosts will turn the sealed bids into the auction committee and the winners of the items will be announced after Sunday, September 20, 2020.  We are also working on a recorded comedy act as entertainment for your guests. 
Contact Laura, or Stacey Koeppen,, if you would like to host or co-host a party or attend a party being hosted by another member.