A Sukup Safe T Home can sleep 10 or more people and feature a double-roofed system that displaces heat, a full-size, lockable steel door, two windows that can be locked from within and a water collection system.  The Safe T Home is built to withstand hurricane force winds and has a useful life of 75 years.  The cost of each home is $7,000 including delivery 
Donations from 18 members of the Club for the Sukup Safe T Homes project totaled $3,700.  With the match from the club for up to $3,500 the total donated for this project was $7,200.   In addition, Tim and Diana Hawkins have made a contribution of $7,000 to purchase a second home which will also be credited to the Rotary Club of Ankeny.
Thank you to Steve Wieneke for proposing this project and to everyone that made a contibution with a special thank you to Tim & Diana Hawkins.