The noon Rotary meeting on August 17th was devoted to Blessman International and the projects they have completed and are still working on in South Africa.   Dr. Jim Blessman gave an update on some of these projects including, drilling water wells, "Teach a Man to Fish" (training individuals to care for gardens), sanitation projects for early childhood development centers, and a feminine hygiene project.   Guests in attendance via Zoom were Allen and Trish Anderson who were major contributors to Blessman International including $100,000 to the sanitation project.    After Dr. Blessman's presentation, Ankeny's Foundation Chair, Tim Hawkins, announced that Allen Anderson was being recognized by the Rotary Foundation for his contribution and presented him with a crystal and a pin with four stones as symbols of his being recognized a "Major Donor - Level 4".  Jacque Andrew, District 6000 Foundation Co-Chair, was also in attendanace via Zoom and thanked Mr. Anderson for his support of the Rotary Foundation and the projects they supported.