2016 Fundraiser Theme - "Biker Night"

The theme for the 2016 Rotary fundraiser to be held on February 27, 2016 at the FFA Enrichment Center will be "Biker Night".    Now is the time to start thinking about who to invite and sell tickets to.
This year the club will be using Bid Partners to assist with the auction.  They will be providing the technology for on-line registration and check out.  All bidding for the silent auction will be done using your own smart phone or one of the terminals provided by Bid Partners.  They will also assist with volunteer training and preparation of an event web site.  This technology will allow for more auction items and to allow for on-line bidding prior to day of the event.  This means pictures of all auction items must be sent to them well in advance of the day of the event.  Now is the time to start gathering auction items. 
Also, we are in need of a location to store the auction items as they are collected and Ben Digmann needs a co-chair.   If you can help with either of these, contact Ben, benwdigmann@yahoo.com.