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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Ankeny!


Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 11:45 AM
Ankeny Golf & Country Club
314 SW Irvinedale Dr.
Ankeny, IA  50023
United States of America
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A total of 9 new members were inducted during July.  They were:
July 2nd - Daniel Pixley and Jessica Kuil - Secondary Designees for corporate member phClean. 
July 9th - Desiree Claypool - Secondary Designee for corporate member The Bridges at Ankeny
July 9th - Brenda Powell - Retired teacher, Evening Club
July 16th - Noel Fiscus - Fiscus Jewelry, Evening Club
July 16th - Reese Lewellen, Connor Strobe, James Warner, & Justin Morgan - corporate member B&B Theatres
Welcome new members!
The golf ball drop at Ankeny Summerfest was held Sunday evening July 14th.   A total of 538 balls were sold and the winners were:
1st Prize - $1,000 - Renee Murphy, ticket sold by Renee Murphy
2nd Prize $375 – Kim Mercer, ticket sold by David Mercer
3rd Prize $250 – David Mohler, ticket sold by Del Mohler
4th Prize $125 – Michelle Knoll, ticket sold by Tim Cox
Thank you to Leaning Tower of Pizza and Tim's Amoco for donating the coupons on the tickets and to Steve SchraderBachar for donating $2,000 towards the prize money.  The estimated profit from ticket sales and donations was $5,497.20  which will be split $3,287.52 to the Ankeny Service Center and $2,191.68 for Rotary.
Some interesting facts about the golf ball drop are:
In the last 6 years, approximately $19,900 has been raised for the Ankeny Service Center and $13,250 for The Rotary Club of Ankeny.  
No number/ball has ever won money more than once.
Balls numbered 101-199 have won money 9 times, but never 1st place and most often 4th place , 4 times.
Tom Friedman has sold the most winning balls (3), Kevin Brooks, Tim Cox, Tim Hawkins and John Peterson have all sold 2 winning balls
The most balls sold was 712 in 2015, and the least balls sold was 268 in 2016.
Average number of balls sold has been 555.
The August Board meeting for the Rotary Club of Ankeny will be:
When:  Thursday, August 8th
Time:  12:00 PM
Where:  Wig & Pen, 2005 South Ankeny Blvd.
All members are welcome and it counts as a make-up!
The following Ankeny Rotarians will celebrate birthdays in August:
5th - Jeff Magner
5th - Jess Reynolds
5th - James Warner
6th - Renee Murphy
12th - Dale Port
13th - Tracy Frette
16th - Mark Land
16th - Pat Timmons
18th - Welch, Gary
22nd - Brian Tiernan
28th - Ben Digmann
The Club will meet on July 2nd at the AG&CC as usual.   However, the AG&CC is not available on July 9th and 16th.  The meeting on July 9th will be hosted by The Bridges, 3410 NW Abilene Road and the meeting on July 16th will be hosted by B&B Theaters,1580 SW Market Place.  We will be back at the AG&CC on July 23rd.
President Ben Digmann joined the Centennial Rotary Club of Littleton, Colorado in 2005.  He was proposed for membership by Randy Pote.   Randy is currently a member of the Las Vegas WON (Where Opportunity Knocks) Rotary Club  and a past District Governor of Rotary District 5300 which is located in the Los Angeles, California and Southern Nevada area.   He is also the chair of the Rotary International's Rose Bowl parade float committee for this year.   Randy did not want to miss Ben's "Demotion Celebration"  and came to Iowa to surprise him and Rachel, which he did.
The Rotary Club of Ankeny currently has 68 Paul Harris Fellows of which 37 are multiple PHF's.  Seventeen individuals were recognized at the annual meeting for becoming new PHF or for being a multiple PHF and reaching the next level.   In addition, Mary Cochran and Todd Wehr made a donation in the name of their spouses to make Danny Cochran and Cindy Wehr new PHF's.   Others that were recognized included:
New PHF - Andrew Larson, Doug Parker, Chuck Stewart, & Sara Thompson
PHF+1 - Mary Cochran, Renee Murphy, Laura Luetje, & Stacey Koeppen
PHF+2 - Stacey Koeppen, Jim Ramsey, Mike Goedeke, & Tim Hawkins
PHF+3 - Del Mohler & Roger Spahr
PHF+5 - Gary Welch
PHF+7 - Sally Schroeder
During the 2018-2019 Rotary year, the Rotary Club of Ankeny and it's members donated $12,850 to the Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund and $4,620 to PolioPlus for a total of $17,470 to the Foundation.  This is an average of  $198 per Active member  for the past year.  The club's all time contributions now total $274,745 to the Annual Fund and $55,550 to PolioPlus.
Jim Ramsey, the Rotary Club of Ankeny's 2017-2018 "Rotarian of the Year", had the honor of introducing the "2018-2019 Rotarians of the Year" at the club's annual meeting on June 25th.  In past years, the club has usually recognized only one member for their outstanding contribution to the club as the Rotarian of the Year.   For this year, the club decided to recognize the co-chairs for the 2019 fundraiser, Laura Luetje and Stacey Koeppen, for the overwhelming success of this event.  Not only was there nearly twice the number of guests in attendance as in previous years, but the event generated over $72,000 in net income for the club to distribute within the community to other non-profit organizations and service projects.  This was also more than twice the amount generated in previous years.    Congratulations Laura and Stacey!    
"One of the special obligations of membership in Rotary is regular attendance at the weekly meeting; it is the basic method of fulfilling the principle of fellowship as well as a way of representing your vocation". 
No member is expected actually be in attendance every week but there are numerous ways of completing a make-up such as attending the meeting of another Rotary club, attending a Board meeting or Friday morning coffee, participating in a club sponsored service project or social event or  completing an on-line make-up.   During the 2018-2019 Rotary year, the member of the Rotary Club of Ankeny completed 553 make-ups.   This enabled twenty-six members to be recognized during the annual meeting for achieving perfect attendance during the past year.  They were:
     1-Year - Todd Eipperle & Stacey Koeppen
     2-Year - Jacquelyn Duke
     4-Years - Carmen Davis & Ben Digmann
     5-Years - Rich Job
     6-Years - Tim Cox, Kristofer Orth & Steve Wieneke
     7-Years - Jim Ramsey, Steve SchraderBachar & Todd Wehr
     8-Years - Damon Miller
     9-Years - Kathy Sibbel
   10-Years - Doug Beech, Mary Cochran, & Tim Hawkins
   11-Years - Sally Schroeder
   13-Years - Dave Mercer
   14-Years - Pat Timmons
   15-Years - Nate Burnham & Tom Friedman
   20-Years - Gary Welch
   23-Years - Jim Gocke
   29-Years - Shar Dunlap
   30-Years - Mike Lydon
The final duty that 2018-2019 President Ben Digmann completed at the end of the "Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet" on June 25th was to pass the gavel to 2019-2020 President Rich Job and give him the president's pin that he will be wearing for the next year.  Rich then gave Ben a past president's pin and a framed golden gavel.   Thank you Ben for leading the club for the past year and we look forward to Rich leading the club for the next year!
Everyday Rotarians continue to "Do Good In the World!"  They look for ways to make a difference in their communities and in communities around the world.  They use their knowledge of local issues to identify areas of need, then apply their expertise and diverse perspectives to find solutions.  In Korea they established a mentoring project to prepare students with autism and intellectual and emotional disabilities for careers in horticulture.  In Brazil, Rotarians offered judo classes for youth to funnel their energy avoiding violence in the slums.  In Canada, a Rotary club is helping Syrian refugees start new lives, and in Australia clubs are helping to end domestic violence.
Your contribution to The Rotary Foundation enables this to happen.  Giving to the Foundation is much easier - just go to rotary.org/donate,  Thank you.
The Rotary Club of Ankeny recently delivered a check in the amount of $500 to the Ankeny Chapter of Days For Girls International.   These funds will assist this group of ladies from Ankeny with the purchase of materials used in the making of feminine hygiene kits.  After the kits are assembled, they are given to Blessman International for delivery to women in South Africa.  The ladies will make about 200 kits including washable, reusable pads for young women in Africa.  Included in the picture, left to right, are Sandy Schmitt, Bonnie Ficek, Marilyn, Scroggins, Margie Lamb, Annette Burnham and Jan Uttterback, in front.
President Ben Digmann recognized Todd Eipperle during the meeting on June 4th for all the work he has done as Chairman of the Membership committee and for him agreeing to be the club's president elect nominee for the 2021-2022 year.
During their June meeting the Rotary Club of Ankeny's Board approved the following donation requests:
New Horizon Adult Day Care - $1,000 - This request is for a sponsorship for New Horizon's annual golf outing fundraiser.  The proceeds from their fundraiser will be used to purchase supplies and equipment.   As a result of this sponsorship, the club is entitled to register a foursome to play golf.
Blessman International – The club has an outstanding commitment to contribute $2,000 per year to Blessman International's “Teach a Child to Fish” project.  Since these funds will not be matched by District 6000 or Rotary International, Dr. Jim Blessman had requested that these funds be transferred to a new project they are working on to teach ladies to make their own “Days for Girls” hygiene kits.  The new project will be part of a Global Grant which would allow the funds to be matched by the District and Rotary International.   This request was approved and the funds, totaling $4,000 will not be disbursed until late this year.
The July Board meeting for the Rotary Club of Ankeny will be:
When:  Thursday, July 11th
Time:  12:00 PM
Where:  Wig & Pen, 2005 South Ankeny Blvd.
All members are welcome and it counts as a make-up!
The following Ankeny Rotarians will celebrate birthdays in July:
3rd - Brad Botos
5th - Doug Johnson 
9th - James Ramsey
19th - Jason Gassmann
20th - Angi Bright
22nd - Gerry Bair
23rd - Todd Eipperle
During their meeting on June 13th, the Board has approved applications for membership to the Rotary Club of Ankeny for the following:
Desiree Claypool will be replacing Hannah Guiliford as the third Secondary Designee for corporate member The Bridges.  Brody Hanson will be the Primary Designee for The Bridges and Kris Baker and Doug Johnson will continue as the other Secondary Designees.
Brenda Powell is a retired school teacher and is being proposed for membership by Steve Wieneke.  She will be a member of the Evening club.
phClean - Sara Martin is the owner of phClean and an active member of the club.  She will become the Primary Designee for proposed new corporate member phClean.  Jessica Kuil, Manager of the Ankeny office and Daniel Pixley, Manager of the Ames office will be Secondary Designees.
Noel Fiscus - Noel is the owner of Fiscus Jewelers.  He is being proposed for membership by Kristofer Orth and plans to be a member of the Evening Club.
B & B Theaters has applied to become a new corporate member of the club.   Reece Lewellen, Marketing Manager, will be the Primary Designee,  James Warner, General Manager and former Rotarian in Neosho, Missouri, Justin Morgan, Operations Manager, and Connor Stobbe, Entertainment Manager will be the Secondary Designees. 
Comments regarding any of these proposed memberships may be forwarded to any member of the Board.
On the evening of June 4th, the member of the Evening Rotary Club of Ankeny met at AGAPE Garden and helped pull weeds, plant onions, and erect tomato cages.  They plan to volunteer again later this summer when they expect to be harvesting vegetables.
AGAPE Garden is s located by Faith Chapel of Ankeny First United Methodist Church at 7384 NW 16th Street in Ankeny.   All of the food produced is donated to local food pantries.  Last year grew over four tons of fresh vegetables were donated.
On the evening of June 11th, members of the Evening Rotary Club of Ankeny completed a food drive to benefit Ankeny's Holy Trinity Lutheran Church's food pantry. In about one and a half hours the group collected 301 pounds of food and paper products.   Last year, 265 pounds were collected.
Holger Knaack, of the Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenbery-Molln, Germany, has been selected to serve as president of Rotary International in 2020-21.  The Nominating Committee's decision follows the resignation of President-nominee  Sushil Gupta due to health reasons.
Knaack has been a Rotarian since 1992 and has served Rotary as treasurer, director, moderator, member and chair of several committees, representative for the Council on Legislation, zone coordinator, training leader, and district governor.  He is the CEO of Knaack KG, a real estate company.  He was previously a partner and general manager of Knaack Enterprises, a 125-year-old family business.
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