Jun 06, 2023
Gregory Leeson
Life Chronicler Project

Gregory, I will put you down as guest speaker on 6/6/23. We meet each Tuesday from 12-1 at Ankeny Golf and Country Club




Kent Patterson

Ankeny Rotary, PEN




Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2023 2:26:15 PM
Subject: My Visit to Des Moines


To: Tiernan, Brian [brian@shamrocktrans.com]
From: Gregory Leeson [1609GJL@gmail.com]

Hello Brian, My name is Gregory Leeson and I would like to be a guest speaker at your club on June 6. As part of my Life Chronicler Project, described below, I have spoken to Rotary Clubs before and have six speaking engagements lined up in the South (JAN 24 - MAR 21). My trek to your town is part of the Great Plains Journey that begins on April 23rd. I can send a brief bio and a presentation slide deck but was unable to do so via this forum. For the record; My project is entire self-funded and as such I am not seeking funding of any kind! My project consists of a four journey, 14 month, 53 city, 39 state, and eight province automobile odyssey of the continent. I am interviewing people I meet about their lives. I have an academically well-vetted interview protocol written by Dr. Dan McAdams of Northwestern University. He published it in his book, “the stories we live by,” and encourages people to use it. With interviewee permission, I post “mini biographies” that I write about their lives on my website and plan to write a book in 2023. The interviewee can opt for total anonymity. Why? Well, as we look around today, we see a country that is very divided. But when one actually talks with another and gets to know him/her, one finds that we have much more in common than that which is different. Right now, I think we could use more of that. So, since retiring from Pfizer in Illinois in October 2021, this has been my mission. Here are two clubs for you to contact should you be interested in their feedback about my presentation: Wilshire Rotary Club of Los Angeles Joyce Kleifield joyce@kleifield.com Central East Portland Rotary Club Ron Gullberg atfun@aol.com I hope my email finds a warm reception and that I hear from you soon. My best regards, Greg (224) 323-3292 (c) 1609GJL@gmail.com www.thelifechronicler.com